24/7 Consultancy is a Melbourne based consultancy business with professional affiliations with security firms and RTOs across Australia for all security operations and training solutions.

24/7 is privately owned and operated by David Rossborough, a leading fully licensed Security Officer and Trainer within Victoria.

After entering the Security Industry in 1998 via Advanced Techniques Training, David commenced within workplace training and assessment in 2005 at the Australian Institute of Public Safety (AIPS) and has successfully 

delivered training programs for number of RTOs.

David has delivered the Certificate II III in Security Operations and Investigations, Cert. IV in Security & Risk Management, International Bodyguarding via the IBA, Armed Guarding, Cash-in-Transit, Baton, Handcuffing and Defensive Tactics amongst many other courses.

David has also maintained a 18 year affiliation with the International Bodyguard Association (IBA) and since 2009 currently holds the position of 

National Director for Australia.

Holding a 500hrs IBA Diploma in Bodyguarding along with the Diploma in Security & Risk Management amongst many other national and international qualifications, that includes a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as well as Investigative Services, David continues to undertake course to enhance subject knowledge and understanding of the every changing environments to stay one step ahead in this busy and sometimes violent industry.

As a Certified and Licensed Firearms Instructor, for both handgun and longarms, David completed both the level I & II instructor programs under Modern Combatives. In addition David completed the Tier 1, Tactical, Practical and Combat Pistol course under professional development training in order to maintain enhanced skills-sets with a firearm.

Holding an number of awards from the International Bodyguard Association (IBA) including the IBA Gold Pin, CIBG (Certified International Bodyguard) and International instructor qualifications, David has completed, coordinates and instructs the IBA Diploma in Bodyguarding and IBA D.A.R.T programs here in Australia.

In 2013, David completed the ASP International Baton and Handcuffing instructors course and takes the art and skill-sets of self-defence and the ability to provide safety for persons at risk very seriously.

Having studied Defensive Tactics, Empty and Filled Hand Techniques under a number of training organisations including the IBA D.A.R.T program, Modern Combatives, Action Tactical Response, Street Combat System, PPCT and both the Manadnock MEB & MDT systems, David covers the requirements of a professional Use of Force Instructor for the Security Industry. 

 - personal motto -

"Its better to be there and not needed, than to be needed and not be there."